The County of Sarasota boasts 35 miles of beaches and six barrier islands. While the City of Sarasota is the center of the county, other smaller delightful destinations offer their unique brand of Florida to visitors.

Longboat Key is an upscale, quiet retreat offering waterfront golf, fine dining and luxury resorts. Siesta Key boasts one of the premier white sand beaches in the U.S. Sunsets at Siesta Key Beach are a must see and shopping and dining options are numerous. South of Sarasota on Venice Beach, a gentle surf laps at the shore and provides a place to gather sharks' teeth. You'll find more sharks' teeth here than anywhere else on earth. Englewood and Venice are situated near the southern border of the county and offer a Florida charm all their own.

Covering nearly 600 square miles, Sarasota County includes Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Venice, Englewood and other small out islands. Sarasota County is made for family vacation fun. Whether you're into the beach, the arts, history, shopping, watersports, golf or other outdoor activities, Sarasota has what you're looking for.

For full information about Sarasota and her islands, a great source is the Visit Sarasota County.
Sunsets in Sarasota County
A family enjoys the picturesque finale to a perfect day in paradise.
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Shopping in Sarasota County
Sarasota County is a hub of shopping diversions,
from factory outlets to exclusive boutiques.
Parker Manatee Aquarium
Immerse yourself in discovery
at Mote Marine Aquarium.