The Welcome Guide-Directory lists businesses and points of interest by category. It has been designed to scan and read quickly, and each listing has a dynamic link to the Interactive Map and MoreInfoPage. Clicking a category bar at the left opens that category’s listings page.
You can also print out the listings for a Category.

Dynamic Links
• Clicking on a listing’s Map Number opens and shows you its location on the Interactive Map.
• Clicking on a listing’s Name opens its

Print the listings for a Category by clicking ‘Print’ in the top category color bar to the right of the category name. This opens a separate window that is formatted for printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Close this window when you are finished printing to avoid confusion.

IMPORTANT - TO PRINT CORRECTLY, you must do the following:
  1. Set the print Margins to 0.5 inches each (go to: File > Page Setup and change the Left, Right, Top, & Bottom to 0.5)

  2. Turn on background printing (go to: Tools > Internet Options,
    click the 'Advanced'  tab, scroll down to Printing and turn on 'Print background colors and images' )