The MoreInfoPage is the best way to learn about a business or point of interest. Each MoreInfoPage is the focal point for that business or point of interest on our site, and it displays the following: the business listing, an advertisement, any discount coupons from the business, a link to show its location on the Interactive Map, a website link, photos, and more…

MoreInfoPages open in a dynamic, separate window that stays open for viewing multiple MoreInfoPages. This way, you can click back and forth between the Interactive Maps and the MoreInfoPages for quicker cross refersencing. It also works this way with the Welcome Guide-Directory and Special Offers. 

If you wish, you can browse thru all of the MoreInfoPages by using the ‘Prev’ and ‘Back’ buttons. You can also ‘Keep Open’ a MoreInfoPage to compare it with others (these windows are left open for you to keep track of and close when you are through).

Feel free to print MoreInfoPages to take with you, especially those with Discount Coupons. Businesses love it when you use these offers, so give them a try!

Dynamic Links
• Click a Map Number to open and show you its location on the Interactive Map.
• Click ‘Prev’ and ‘Back’ to browse through all MoreInfoPages.
• Click on a business' web link to go to their website.
• Click 'Keep Open' to keep browsing other MoreInfoPages without closing that business page.

Print a MoreInfoPage by clicking ‘Print Page’ on the right-hand side, above the color bar. This opens a separate window that is formatted for printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Close this window when you are finished printing to avoid confusion.

IMPORTANT - TO PRINT CORRECTLY, you must do the following:
  1. Set the print Margins to 0.5 inches each (go to: File > Page Setup and change the Left, Right, Top, & Bottom to 0.5)

  2. Turn on background printing (go to: Tools > Internet Options,
    click the 'Advanced'  tab, scroll down to Printing and turn on 'Print background colors and images' )